Adult Life Groups

A Life Group is a small group of people that meets weekly or biweekly to study God’s Word together, discuss the issues and challenges of life, pray, and care for one another.

If you’d like to join, lead, or host an Adult Life Group, please contact Janna Janke at or 715-842-5683 with your name and contact information.

Reasons Life Groups can be important in your life:

Developing friendships

Caring for one another with practical help and personal encouragement

Celebrating joyful occasions

Having fun together

Serving side by side with group members as we seek to serve others

Encouraging outreach within the walls of Highland Community Church

Share the love of Jesus Christ in the communities in which we live.

We want to encourage you to Connect, Grow, and Go by joining an Adult Life Group.  Contact Janna Janke today to learn more.