What to Expect


Wondering what to expect when you attend a Highland Community Church campus?

For campus specific details like service times, or a map, please visit the Campuses page. Si usted es hispanohablante y desea comprender nuestras opciones en español, haga clic aquíFor most current activities, event dates, or ministry contacts, visit our Calendar or our news publication called Highland Happenings.

What do people wear at Highland?

Pants, shorts, sweatpants, jeans, skirts, dresses, dress shirts, t-shirts, leather vests, ties, tennis shoes, high heels, cowboy boots, flip-flops, and even floppy hats. Get the idea? Feel free to wear what is comfortable for you but please keep in mind that we have a desire to always be honoring and respectful of one another.

What takes place during most Sunday morning worship services?

Our typical worship service includes: 1/2 hour of contemporary worship music led by a praise band, relevant teaching either in-person or via video, prayer, an offering, and other elements to enhance community worship. Some of our services contain video or musical presentations, stories of how God is at work, or live drama. Our Traditions worship service (Wausau Campus room B12) features traditional hymns and readings accompanied by the same teaching that is at the Wausau service.

What does it mean for a service to have a video?

To foster unity among all four campuses and to ensure continuity in teaching, some congregations within Highland watch Sunday's message on video feed about half the Sundays of the year and receive in-person teaching the other Sundays.  The other elements of a worship service are generally "in person" at each campus. 

How long are your worship services?

Our worship services are about 70 minutes long.

What do I do with my children during church?

Please check our Campus and Service Times page we are offering services meeting different needs and not all services are providing nursery/children's church at this time. You are welcome to keep your children with you throughout the service, sit in the cry room with your children, place younger children (birth - 3 years) in the nursery (if open), or have children (age 4 - 2nd grade) participate in our Children's Church program if open (children are dismissed during the offering time for a child-centered lesson). To keep children (birth – 5th grade) who are attending Nursery, Sunday School or Children’s Church safe, parent sign-in is required. Parents will need to print off a name tag for your child and parent badge at one of our kiosks. If you are new to Highland, we would be happy to help assist you at the Connection Point counter in each campus lobby.  Please be prepared to show your parent badge when picking up your child.

As a visitor or newcomer will I be welcome and will I be singled out in some way?

You are always welcome at Highland Community Church. As you walk through the doors there is a good chance you’ll be warmly greeted and a word of welcome. Beyond that your level of participation is up to you. 

What if I’m not a “Christian” or don’t have a church background?

We’re glad you’re here!  We enjoy the fact that Highland is made up of people who range widely in spiritual backgrounds and life experiences. We believe that God has each of us on a spiritual journey, and we recognize that not all people are at the same point.  For that reason, we focus on "helping you take the next step in your relationship with God" no matter where you are on your journey. We look forward to seeing God lead you to take your next step.

Do you have “communion” or the “Lord’s Supper” and may I participate?

We generally serve communion on the first Sunday of the month. Anyone who has received Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and is walking in fellowship with God may participate regardless of church affiliation.  We are using pre-sealed wafers and juice distributed at worship entrances. There is a gluten-free wafer option available.

Will I be asked to give money to the church?

You will never be pressed or obligated in any way to give financially at Highland. However, we believe that an important aspect of following the Lord is consistent and growing “stewardship” of resources (time, gifts, finances, etc.). Therefore, during each worship service we provide an opportunity for individuals to give an offering for the ongoing work of God through our church. On occasion, we make additional opportunities for financial giving available for special causes/needs.  If you would like to know more about our giving options please visit this page.