No Regrets


The mission statements you see below are those of "No Regrets", a ministry of Elmbrook Church. To read similar information about Highland Community Church (this host site), please click here. The No Regrets Conference is a ministry of the Elmbrook Church's Men's Ministry. No Regrets is a statewide men's conference that started in 1994 when a faithful group of men from Brookfield were faithful to the calling of the Lord to start a statewide men's conference. The next year the conference was moved to Elmbrook and is has been simulcast hosted by Highland since 2011.

No Regret's Mission to create an environment for men to be challenged in their relationship with the Lord by providing information relating to home, work, and ministry, and provide an opportunity for men to fellowship and worship together.

No Regret's Vision to see biblical spiritual awakening come to the men of Wisconsin and a men's ministry to every church in the state.


We align with Highland Community Church's statement of faith, which is available HERE.


Each conference includes:

General Sessions - Morning and afternoon. Large group time for prayer, worship and testimony. Keynote speaker and emcee comments.

Conference Seminars - Many topics, from family-related topics to topics on defending your faith and learning how God shapes a man. Learn more details in the fall of the year.

Lunch - Lunch is included with your conference ticket and is served on site (generally a sub sandwich but those with special dietary needs will want to bring a sack lunch).

Cost - The cost in the February 3, 2018 event is $30 for an adult, or $15 for a teen, with early bird registration and it includes lunch. Prices increase after January 28, 2018.

General Overview: 


Coffee, Juice Pastries available in  lobby.

8:30 am

General Session:
Orientation, Worship, Keynote

10:15 am

Seminar I

11:15 am

Seminar II / Lunch A

12:15 pm

Seminar III / Lunch B

1:15 pm

Seminar IV

2:15 pm

Afternoon General Session

3:50 pm

Conference Concludes


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2018 February 3 Specifics

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General Session


Session - 1


Session - 2

8:30 AM –

10:00 AM

10:15 AM –

11:00 AM

11:15 AM –

12:00 PM

"Living a Life of No Regrets"

Miles McPherson

“The Father Factor - Successful Parenting”


Kenny Luck

“Happy Wife, Happy Life”


Ray Johnston

All General Sessions held in the Sanctuary - streamed Live from Elmbrook Church

Examining the Gospel - and living it every day.


Steve Clements


No other gods: The Plagues in Egypt and our Freedom from Idolatry.


Greg Schmidt


Prayer: God’s Invitation for Communication– Discovering True delight in a Spiritual Duty.


Andrew Gutberlet

Leadership Restored - How the Gospel restores Men into fierce Leaders.


Isaiah DeMoss


Your Greatest Witness is Your Walk - Why your life is of far more importance than you can imagine.


LeRoy Jonas IV

Forgiveness – God’s Prescription for the Hurting Heart.


Dave Mahler


Lead Differently


Justin Novitski

What’s Getting in the Way of Our Worship?


Josh Thiel


Session - 3


Session - 4

Afternoon General Session

12:15 PM –

1:00 PM

1:15 PM –

2:00 PM

2:15 PM –

4:00 PM

“The Power of One”


Steve Sonderman

“Growing in the Lord”


Stuart Briscoe


"Influencing Your World"


Chris Brown

Workplace Issues for Disciples of Jesus - Can I represent Jesus faithfully & thrive professionally?

Kellen Lewis

Learning to Suffer Well – with Church & Family at the same time.


Eric Tober

 All General Sessions held in the Sanctuary - streamed Live from Elmbrook Church

3 People who will change your life - A Paul (mentor), a Barnabas (friend), & Timothy (disciple).


Andy Perry

Purposelessness - and what to do about it!


Sam DeLoye


Fatherhood, Faith, and Future Men - Raising children while looking to our Heavenly Father.


Rob Love

Every man’s “Battle”– are you winning?


Kim Swenson


Telling Your Story


Jarrod Stichter

Youth Pastor Panel


Justin Novitski

Josh Thiel

Jarrod Stichter


Day at a glance (Times are CST):

8:30 am – 10:00 am Morning General Session – worship, testimony, platform speaker
Miles McPherson – Living a Life of No Regrets
10:15 am – 11:00 am Platform Session 1
Kenny Luck – Successful Parenting
11:15 am – 12:00 pm Platform Session 2
Ray Johnston – Happy Wife, Happy Life
12:15 pm – 1:00 pm Platform Session 3
Stuart Briscoe – Growing in the Lord
1:15 pm – 2:00 pm Platform Session 4
Steve Sonderman – Flee! Avoiding Temptation
2:15 pm – 4:00 pm Afternoon General Session – worship, testimony, platform speaker
Chris Brown – Influencing Your World


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