At Highland, we have a heart for those outside our congregation, and as part of our church's broader purpose statement, we seek to reach both our local and global community for Christ. We do that both by supporting organizations that have the same heart and vision as we do, and by sending individuals and teams out to share the love of Jesus Christ and the message of forgiveness we can have through Him. We also send individuals and adult teams to the Dominican Republic, Sudan, Ethiopia and also to other areas of the world. We support a number of missionaries and ministries as shown on the listing below.

Samaritan's Purse is organizing teams to travel to locations throughout the United States that have been affected by the recent hurricanes.  Their North American Ministries team has been preparing all week‍—packing up equipment and stocking their disaster relief units full of tools and supplies. They are ready to deploy just as soon as the storm passes, and they need an army of volunteers to serve homeowners in the hardest hit areas. They are going to be coming alongside people to help them recover while also offering the hope of eternal salvation found only in the Lord Jesus Christ. Please consider volunteering in their effort to help those who have lost everything.  Click on this link to volunteer:  https://www.spvolunteer.org/.

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